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    Skincare Blogs

    When it comes to skin aging, the neck and décolletage region is just as susceptible as the face.  Whenever I have a skin consultation with a client, I often refer to the neck and chest as the “forgotten zone” because we forget to care for our neck and chest on a daily basis.  
    Shaving!  It is the one thing men do on a daily basis with their daily grooming routine, and yes, shaving can also cause breakouts, ingrown hairs, razor bumps also known as folliculitis, and the worst is, shaving can also spread bacterial infection from existing acne, thus creating more of a problem when trying to achieve clear skin.  Nooooo!  
    Have you ever struggled with your skin then searched the internet trying to self-diagnose and treat your skin only to make things worse? This is where an esthetician can become a great resource and skincare guide who can quickly turn things around to make sure you have the correct products for your skin, and the right professional treatments to correct your skin condition.
    What does Microdermabrasion do?  What are the benefits of microdermabrasion to the skin? Microdermabrasion is a technique developed to aid in sloughing off dead skin and removing it from the surface layer in order to create a smoother, more even toned skin. But the original treatment developed prior to Microdermabrasion is known as Dermabrasion.
    Exfoliation: how much is enough?  What is the best kind of scrub for my skin type? Is it really necessary to add this into my skincare routine? These are the most common questions I hear from my clients in my treatment room so let’s jump in and start by breaking down why we bother to do this step in our skincare regimen and how it actually helps your skin.
    External pollutants like traffic, industrial smoke, recycled air, and air conditioning all cause oxidative stress to our skin. Now we must add daily mask wearing and smoke from fires to the list!  But skincare formulated with high concentrations of antioxidants protect and aid in prevention of free radical damage.  There are a host of helpful antioxidants, but the one that still packs a punch is Vitamin C.
    Many people ask me why their pores are large, and what can be done to minimize their appearance? These are good questions, but in order to answer them it requires understanding more about our pores. This information will empower you so you will not be fooled by products that promise to shrink pore size, but do not provide the right ingredients to do the job. 
    Winter effects our skin quickly by drying it out.  For those who have dry skin, the uncomfortable tight, dry and itchy feeling accompanied by redness begins to seep in during this time of year.  Here are some important facts and tips to keeping skin hydrated during the colder weather season. Here are a few tips to keep or restore hydration levels in the skin during the colder months...
    Many clients ask me what is the main reason for the large red dot that lingers on after their pimple is gone?  Well, truthfully, you will always see some kind of indication that there was a pimple even after it dries up, and it will heal slowly and eventually disappear.  However, for those who love to pick, you will see much worse than a red dot, you will see acne scarring...