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    Extracting Your Acne is NEVER A Good Idea!

    Many clients ask me what is the main reason for the large red dot that lingers on after their pimple is gone?  Well, truthfully, you will always see some kind of indication that there was a pimple even after it dries up, and it will heal slowly and eventually disappear.  However, for those who love to pick, you will see much worse than a red dot, you will see acne scarring, which can last for months.

    This is known as "post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation."  A less wordy term would be acne scarring. Each time you use your fingers to pop these little guys you invite the following conditions: bacteria to spread underneath the skin causingmore breakouts, potential to create infection, AND cause damage to the surface that will take months to get rid of.

    Methods to Get Rid of Large Pimples Quickly

    Here are some very effective methods in getting rid of large pimples quickly without resorting to picking at them.

    • Ice the pimple down for 3-6 minutes, which, can reduce the swelling by as much as 50% and it will also relieve any pressure or pain associated with it.  Since pimples are inflamed icing is the perfect anti-inflammatory solution. This is a well known trick amongst top celebrity makeup artists, so don’t waste time picking when you can ice!
    • Adding a good acne spot treatment to your skincare arsenal that works to dry it up quickly so you will not be tempted to pick is important too!  A benzoyl peroxide solution at a 5% or 10% strength are my first choices for quickly eliminating large deep pimples, but you can also use salicylic acid or a sulfur based spot treatment.

    For those who already have acne scarring and hyperpigmentation from former acne, then, I recommend a series of microdermabrasion sessions, nano-needle treatments, or chemical peels for smoothing out and getting rid of old acne scarring.