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    Power of Antioxidants for Your Skin

    External pollutants like traffic, industrial smoke, recycled air, and air conditioning all cause oxidative stress to our skin. Now we must add daily mask wearing and smoke from fires to the list!  But skincare formulated with high concentrations of antioxidants protect and aid in prevention of free radical damage.  There are a host of helpful antioxidants, but the one that still packs a punch is
    Vitamin C.   As you can see with the apple demonstration (below) a potent formulation of Vitamin C Serum will help keep cells from oxidizing.
    Free radical damage as depicted in the picture below is when an oxygen atom has an unmatched number of electrons causing an electron stealing chain reaction, which causes other atoms to become unstable. 
    But antioxidants donate electrons creating stability for our skins' cells and protecting them from free radical damage.  Free radicals cause poor cellular function, and can cause healthy cells to die pre-maturely resulting in pre-mature aging.
    How Antioxidants Work Against Free Radicals
    Not all Vitamin C Serums are formulated correctly!  Here are some things to look out for!
    • Your Vitamin C Serum should never be Brown or Yellow in color this means it is already oxidizing and turning rancid. If it is best to toss it.
    • Vitamin C needs a small amount of Vitamin E to help skin metabolize the C so make sure it contains Vit. E in the formula as well.
    • Best to have the Vit. C micro-encapsulated this protects the C keeping it stable, and also helps it to penetrate deeper into the skin.
    • Formulas containing 10-20% of Vitamin C frequently do this to offset the amount of Vit. C that has already oxidized.
    • Within six months, retesting of high percentage Vitamin C products it has been shown in clinical studies that their content can diminish to 2% or less, with the remainder of the Vitamin C oxidized.
    • Your Vit. C Serum should aid in creating a glow or radiance to the skin when applied, and also help with creating even skin tone.

    Advanced Performance Vitamin C Serum is an award winning formulation!  It contains everything your Vitamin C Serum should include:

    • A blend of three unique, time-released, targeted delivery systems slowly diffuse three stabilized forms of Vitamin C and three forms of Vitamin E throughout the skin, creating a reservoir of vitamins at all levels that helps visually repair years of sun damage within weeks.
    • The three forms of targeted Vitamin C absorb more efficiently, magnifying Vitamin C’s antioxidant, cell protective power up to six times.
    • Non stinging, no colors or dyes, and does not contain synthetic fragrance, colorants or parabens.
    • Perfect for sensitive skin as well, creates a radiant glow and helps to diminish hyper-pigmentation.