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    Professional Treatments

    All professional treatments are scheduled by time and skin concern.  Each treatment will be customized according to skin condition, and main skin concerns.  You will see a general description below that describes what to expect during your treatment, but please keep in mind each treatment is and may not include everything as described below, or may include additional therapies not listed.  All treatments include a 20 minute Professional LED therapy session at the end to calm inflammation or redness, and create plumping to stimulate collagen production for a lasting effect.


    Acne Treatments:

    1.5 Hours $225.00/2.0 Hours $350.00

    These treatments are designed to address clogged pores, breakouts, lightening of acne scarring marks, reduction in pore size, and smoothing skin texture.  Treatments include deep cleansing, microdermabrasion, enzyme therapy w/steam, manual extractions, professional LED (antibacterial blue light therapy), medium acid peel to lighten up acne scars, and smooth out skin texture Note: If struggling with major congestion and acne scarring that has persisted for more than 60-days it is recommended to book a 2-hour session that allows more time for extractions and concentrated treatment of acne scarring.  

    These treatments are not recommended for those who are concerned about social events the following day.


    Anti-Aging Treatments:

    1.5 Hours $225.00/2.0 Hours $350.00

    Skin Tightening Treatment:

    This treatment is designed to rejuvenate skin, address several signs of aging including: sluggish skin with rough texture, uneven tone, fine lines and wrinkles, large pore size, and increasing firmness and elasticity.  Treatment includes deep cleanse, microdermabrasion, enzyme therapy with mild extractions, mild acid peel, micro-current therapy and Professional LED (Red Light Therapy) for boosted collagen production.  Concentrated anti-aging stem cell serums are layered onto skin throughout the treatment.  It is designed to create lasting results for up to two-weeks, expect to see a noticeable difference from one treatment, and when performed in a series results are transformative for the skin. Note: A two-hour session is recommended for more mature skin, or skin struggling with sun damage or loss of elasticity where micro-current therapy is performed for 50 minutes for a more sculpted and firmer result.

    Dry Skin Therapy Treatment:

    1.5 Hours $225.00/2.0 Hours $350.00

    This treatment is good for dry and sensitive skin, skin exposed to cold weather and harsh elements, rosacea prone skin, or skin in need of hydration. Treatment includes deep cleanse, light microdermabrasion,extractions if needed, nano-needle therapy using a bioactive lipid rich serum, which contains seven known hydrating ingredients and soothing agents, and aids in penetrating below the skin’s surface to create a deep level of hydration, and a Professional LED (Red Light Therapy) to help serums penetrate deep, and increase hydration levels.  Post facial treatment skin feels soothed, hydrated, plump, and protected, with reduction in redness, and elevated hydration levels in the skin.

    Note:If struggling with chronic rosacea, or chronic dry skin it is recommended to book a 2-hour session to allow more time to address driest areas of the face and two-hour sessions include additional advanced therapies to help turbo boost the skin’s healing process.